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Thank you for visiting our new website.  Here at San Diego Minimally Invasive Surgery, we are dedicated to offering truly "minimally invasive" surgical solutions to common medical problems requiring surgery. 

What is "Minimally Invasive Surgery?"

Minimally invasive surgery refers to surgery using emerging surgical technolgies and advanced surgical techniques to complete surgical procedures previously only able to be performed through large open incisions.

The primary goal of minimally invasive surgery is to limit pain, minimize incision size and tissue disruption while still performing a safe and effective operation. The ultimate benefit of minimally invasive technique is a faster post-operative recovery with a cosmetically pleasing appearance.

For most general surgical procedures, minimally invasive surgery involves the use of the laparoscopy or the laparoscope.  Some people have described this as surgery using a "telescope" or a "laser".  When you are asleep, your abdominal cavity is inflated with carbon dioxide and small incisions and instruments are used to perform the required surgical procedure.  Because the incisions used are small, your pain is minimal and the results cosmetically pleasing.

Regardless of your medical condition or age, you may be a candidate for minimally invasive surgery. Limitations to surgery are individualized to the  patient's specific medical condition. 

You must be healthy enough to go to sleep with general anesthesia.  Some patients with severe heart and lung disease may not have enough reserve function to tolerate general anesthesia with the added stress of having their abdominal cavity filled with gas.

In order to have a safe and succesful minimally invasive surgery, surgeons have to be able to get to the organs that they need to operate on.  Patients who have had major surgery before often have scar tissue or adhesions present in their abdominal cavity.  The amount and thickness of the scar tissues present may limit the ability to succesfully complete the operation safely using minimally invasive techniques.

When you see us in surgical consultation, we will thoroughly review your medical conditions and your surgical needs to ensure every opportunity to offer you minimally invasive surgery.

Please explore our website further to see what services we can offer you.